S.T.A.R. VS7550 UV Mini Spectrograph Spectrometers

The VS7550 is a miniature Czerny-Turner spectrograph with excellent speed, spectral range and spectral resolution with software control of slit size, input f#, order sorting filters, grating angle and dark exposures. The UV spectrograph has a spectral range from the air short wavelength cut-off at 185 nm to the detector IR cut-off at 1100 nm.  The spectrograph is small enough to fit in your hand and can be fully operational in any orientation at the end of a 5-meter cable.  Accessories include a built-in spectral calibration lamp, a multi-spectral field flat light source, fiber optic adapters and back thinned detectors.
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Specification Focal Length (input) Focal Length (output) Wavelength Range (depends on grating) Wavelength Accuracy CCD QE for 185 - 400nm CCD QE for 400 - 930nm CCD QE for 930 - 1050nm Best Spectral Resolution 3600 grating first order Available Gratings Wavelength Range Wavelength Resolution Software selectable slits, order masks and dark shutter Software selection of spectral range Software selection grating aperture Detector UHV option Connection
Minimum 76.0 41 185 - 10 15 3
Typical/Median 76.2 46 - ± 0.1 18 0.12
Maximum 74.4 48 1100 - 20 42 15
Units mm mm nm nm % % % nm
From 600 - 4200 grooves per mm From 185 - 1100nm <0.25nm in center of field with 3600 grooves per mm grating Typical range of resolution is 0.1 - 2mm 3600 l/mm grating 185 - 315 (2 steps) 1200 l/mm grating 185 to 950 (5 steps) Effective range of f/# 3.5 - 8.4 2048 pixel linear array with VUV/UV phosphor Window adapter with 2.75” ConflatTM flange Two USB 2.0 cables for data, power and servo control
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VUV Only
VUV Only
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Focal Length Available Gratings Wavelength Range f# Wavelength Resolution Blur (tangential/sagittal) Detector Mass Dimensions
50mm 1200, 1800, 2400, 2880, or 3600 G/mm 185nm -1100nm (depending on selected grating) 3.7 0.12nm in centre of field w/3600 G/mm grating 0.15/0.01mm 2048 pixel linear array 300g (approximate) 111mm x 94mm x 59mm
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