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VUV/UV Monochromator/Spectrometer

The Resonance Ltd vacuum monochromator and spectrometer packs great performance in a small package. The compact 2 kg system can be coupled directly to a vacuum chamber through a 2.75" Conflat┬« style flange to observe processes in a vacuum system.  The f/2.2 grating is a type 4 for minimal aberrations.The system can be configured either as a manual monochromator, a motorized monochromator or as a CCD spectrometer using interchangeable accessories.

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- High throughput f/2.2

- Spectral range from 55-600nm

- Single concave grating for high VUV efficiency

- Easily switched from a monochromator to a CCD-based spectrometer

- Only 1.7kg mass, 1 liter internal volume

- Fixed interchangeable or adjustable slits

- LabView based software

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