VUV/UV Monochromator/Spectrometer

The Resonance Ltd vacuum monochromator and spectrometer packs great performance in a small package. The compact 4 kg system can be coupled directly to a vacuum chamber through a 2.75" Conflat┬« style flange to observe processes in a vacuum system.  Its single grating design provides high VUV efficiency while the 300 mm focal length offers an excellent balance between size and functionality.  The system can be configured either as a manual scanning monochromator, a motorized scanning monochromator or as a CCD spectrometer using interchangeable accessories.

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Focal Length




Wavelength Range

25-400nm (3000 grooves/mm grating)*


0.1nm with 100um slits

Wavelength Accuracy

+/- 0.3nm with standard grating

Wavelength Reproducibility

+/- 0.1nm


1.0 nm/mm

Focal Plane

30mm maximum width

Standard Grating

3000 grooves/mm

Standard Interchangeable Slits

25-4000um width

Adjustable Slits (option)

0-4000um width

Ultimate Vucuum

-10-6   torr

Available Scan Speeds

20, 10, 4, 2, 1, 0.3, 0.16 Angstroms/second

Available Recording Scan Speeds

2, 1, 0.3 Angstroms/second

Step Size

0.25 Angstroms

* Custom gratings available upon request

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