VUV/UV Monochromator/Spectrometer

The next step in Resonances line of high efficiency, single reflection compact vacuum monochromators/spectrometers, the VM200 offers greater resolution and accuracy than the VM92 while still maintaining a cost that puts it among the most competitive in its field.

As with our other models, the VM200 can be configured as a monochromator and can also be supplied with a CCD detector and converted into a spectrometer. Manual or motorized wavelength scanning with LabVIEW based control software available with varying degrees of control to accommodate even the tightest budgets

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Focal Length




Wavelength Range



0.17nm with 50um slits**

Wavelength Accuracy

+/- 0.3nm with standard grating

Wavelength Reproducibility

+/- 0.1nm


3.6nm/mm with 1200 grooves/mm grating

Focal Plane

30mm maximum width

Standard Grating

1200 grooves/mm

Standard Interchangeable Slits

25-4000um width

Adjustable Slits (option)

0-4000um width

Ultimate Vucuum

-10-6   torr

* Wavelength Range

       Normal range (VUV/UV/VIS with Al/MgF2 VUV to NIR coating

       Short wavelength with EUV 1200 g/mm grating (RUV Pt coating)

       Long wavelength with IR 300 g/mm grating (IR gold coating)

** ResolutionMeasured full width at half maximum of Kr 123.6nm at center of CCD

*** Reciprocal linear dispersion at center of CCD at 123.6nm

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