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Electrodeless VUV Light Sources

Resonance Ltd. electrodeless Vacuum Ultra-Violet sources are designed to be reliable, compact and maintenance free with an operating life often in excess of 4000 hours.  We offer light sources with line, continuum, molecular, and Auroral emissions that mount to a 2.75 inch or larger CF type flange.

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Electrodeless Flow EUV Light Source

The Resonance EUV windowless source is an RF excited flow lamp with a capillary bore in an EMI shielded enclosure. This lamp mounts to a (1-1/3") 33.8 mm or larger CF type flange.

Photo-Ionization Detection (PID) Lamps

Resonance mass produces an extensive range of RF excited lamps filled with a variety of gases. In these lamps, the natural "RESONANCE" frequency of the gas is excited by plasma in the bulb. Combinations of the appropriate fill gases and window materials are used to select near monochromatic energies in the 10.6 to 8.4 eV range.

Photo-Ionization Detection (PID) Lamp Kits

Low power and medium power kits that provide an economical lamp solution. Low power kit will provide 10.6eV, 1 x 1014   photons/second/steradians. Medium power kit will provide 1 x 1015 photons/second/steradians.

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Xenon Flash Lamp Light Source

The Resonance Xenon Flash lamp will produce a minimum of 0.5 watts total optical power from 160 to 4000 NM with a minimum of 0.2 watts from 160 to 400 NM. This lamp provides an easy to use source of irradiance greater than a conventional 50 watt D2 lamp.

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UV LED Modules

Resonance Ltd. introduces a new addition to their UV light sources. This compact kit allows you to direct a mobile source of 255nm light using either an adjustable lens assembly, a fibre optic cable, or both.

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Excimer Lamps

Excimer refers to the bound excited upper state of a molecule that breaks apart when a photon is emitted. Resonance excites Excimer emission from its lamps with a proprietary RF power supply.

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Custom Lamps and Light Sources

If you have an application that requires something a little more unique, let us know. If it’s due to space constraints, output requirements or environmental conditions, etc., our design team specializes in modifying or customizing our light sources to meet almost any requirement.

We design and manufacture VUV/UV spectrometers & spectrographs, monochromators, VUV/UV light sources and systems, remote sensors for gas detection and related products.  With over 30 years of specializing in VUV to IR applications, Resonance Ltd. has built up a complete line of high-end products and systems to address almost any need.  Our modular designs allow for fast and easy swapping between components, greatly increasing the versatility of our products while reducing down-time.

Light Sources, Spectrometers, Monochromators, Detectors , Components and Systems from Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) to Infrared (IR)

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