UAV Gas Monitoring System

Being a highly portable system, the Resonance Gas Camera is designed to be small enough to be carried by an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). This unique advantage not only allows for fast, real-time concentrations to be acquired but also the ability to obtain such information be acquired, but also the ability to obtain such information from an aerial perspective.

The Resonance UAV gas monitoring system allows for a complete 360 degree profile of the plume to be obtained. It’s auto-pilot feature allows you to map out the flight path before take-off for optimal data acquisition and the on-board camera puts you right in the cockpit for a better view and lets you determine if a switch to manual control is needed.

This is an exceptional tool for monitoring and profiling of a plume and with it’s birds-eye-view, will provide information that has previously been extremely hard and costly to obtain.

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