Tr-ses-200 integrated system


The Resonance Ltd. Transmission and Reflection Evaluation System is designed to deliver vacuum-ultraviolet (VUV) to ultraviolet (UV) radiation to a target sample and measure the reflectance, transmission or fluorescence of the target.  The system includes a deuterium lamp emitting from 115nm to 400nm, a 327mm focal length vacuum monochromator with a PC controlled motor drive, a Hamamatsu R8486 photomultiplier tube (PMT) capable of detecting from 115nm to 320nm, LabviewTM software and controlling electronics.

  • Specifications
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VUV/UV Tunable Light Source (TLS):

  • Hydrogen light source with power module for 100 to 240V operation
  • Servo controlled VM200 Monochromator with 200nm and 285nm order sorter filter switch (for continuous operation from 110 to 400nm)
  • Collimating Assembly

Servo-driven sample wheel that can tilt and rotate:

  • Tilt and rotate drive mechanism
  • Sample wheels for samples from 5 to 30nm with clamps for non-circular samples

Rotating Detector:

  • PMT plus HV power supply and Amplifier
  • Rotating PMT stage with servo drive

Electronics/Computing System:

  • Main electronics for lamp power and servo control including an embedded PC
  • Complete software package:
    • Raw spectra, Transmission, Reflectance display acquisition/storageSample wheel and PMT control for angle scanning and sample selectionMacros for batch processing

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