S-40-spf integrated system

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The S-40-SPF solid state UV Penetration and Protection Measurement System uses technology developed in the last decade to advance the state of the art of the determination of SPF and UPF values for the sunscreen, cosmetic and textile industries.

Using a high efficiency, long-life LED array combined with an integration sphere coated with a proprietary self-cleaning, high UV reflectance paint, the system automatically captures spectra and saves the processed data in multiple formats ( UVPF, SPF, UVAPF, TUV-A, TUV-B, Boots Star rating, and transmission spectra) as well as the monochromatic protection factor (MPF) for any selected wavelength

  • Specifications
  • Features

Excitation Lamp

UV-Vis LED Array

Excitation Wavelength Range



>5000 hours



Wavelength Intervals

User selected from 1-10nm

Detection Type

CCD Spectrometer

Sample Selection

2-axis (x, y) motorized sample stage

Number of Samples

24 + 1 reference sample position

Motor Drives

Stepper controlled


LabView based software

Suitable for Standards

BS 7914 1998; AS/NZS 4399 1996;AATCC 183; BS EN 13758-1

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