VUV Spectrometer

RamSPEC-VUV captures the hyper-spectral Raman spectral images on a 25 mm by 7 mm back-thinned CCD detector cooled to <-45 C.  It can capture 1044 pixel wide spectra with up to 0.01 nm resolution with as many as 256 vertical elements for each spectral element.  The operational range of the spectrometer is any 10 nm band between 140 and 550 nm.

RamSPEC-VUV is the first commercial Raman spectrometer available for the VUV region of the spectrum and the first instrument to measure Raman scattering signal in the VUV range of 177 - 190 nm.

The system has been designed to allow interchangeability between various grating arrangements for optimum configuration.

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Focal Length

First and second stages 305nm, third stage 610nm

Slits Location

Interface plate between stages

Entrance Slit

0-4mm wide, 0-6mm high

Slits Subtractive Intermediate

0-10 mm wide, 0-10mm high

Slits Spectrograph

0-4mm wide


f/6.2 with 3600 grating, f/7.9 with 4200 grating

Spectrograph Dispersion @ 185nm (3600 grooves/mm)

0.445 nm/mm with 3600 grooves/mm

Spectrograph Dispersion @ 185nm (4200 grooves/mm)

0.375 nm/mm with 4200 grooves/mm


0.028nm with 3600 grooves/mm; 0.015nm with 4200 grooves/mm spectrograph grating with 25 micron slits

Resolution in WN (3600 grooves/mm, 25um slits)

177nm 9cm-1, 254nm 4.15cm-1, 405nm 1.33cm-1

Resolution in WN (4200 grooves/mm, 25um slits)

177nm 5cm-1, 254nm 2cm-1, 405nm 1.33cm-1

Grating Size

90x80mm 3600 grooves/mm, 85x60 4200 grooves/mm

Drive Mechanism

Computer controlled Sine bar with linear translation stage stabilization

Step Size

0.004nm @ 177nm, 0.002nm @ 405nm

Wavelength accuracy/reproducability


Detector Quantum Efficiency

180nm > 60% @ 177nm

Focal Plane

Third stage CCD 7nm H x 30mm W, maximum 40mm square

Spatial Resolution Perpendicular to Slit

0.06nm with 0.015mm high laser spot

Wavelength Range

140-550nm with 3600 grooves/mm grating, 140-420nm with 4200 grooves/mm grating


1.1m x 0.25m x 0.7m

Telemetry Channels

CCD temperature pressure


Back-thinned 28mm 1044 pixels -45 celsius 16bit A to D

Vacuum Compatible

<10-6 torr 15-30 minute pump out dry pump


N2 purge sample holder


LabView CCD 2D display and scan control

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