Photo-ionization Detection (PID) LAMPS


Resonance mass produces an extensive range of RF excited bulbs filled with a variety of gases.  In these bulbs, the natural "RESONANCE" frequency of the gas is excited by plasma in the bulb.  Combinations of the appropriate fill gases and window materials are used to select near monochromatic energies in the 10.6 to 8.4 eV range.  Unique sealing and processing technologies developed during work for the US and Japanese space programs yield bulbs of exceptionally high stability and output.  Burn-in and VUV testing of every bulb ensures the best quality to meet customers' requirements throughout the world.

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Less than 2.28" (<58mm, standard)


Between 0.47" - 0.50"

Running Life

> 2000 hours


123.6nm (10.6eV lamps)

Light Sources, Spectrometers´╗┐, Monochromators, Detectors , Components and Systems from Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) to Infrared (IR)

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