Photo-ionization Detection (PID) LAMP KITS

PID Lamp Kits

Low power and medium power kits that provide an economical lamp solution. Low power kit will provide 10.6eV, 1 x 1014   photons/second/steradians. Medium power kit will provide 1 x 1015 photons/second/steradians.

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Low Power PID Kit

Low power kit. 10.6eV PID bulb. 12mm OD5V DC 1600V AC exciter and electrode sleeve. Intensity 1 x 1014 photons/second/steradian in VUV.


Medium Power VUV PID kit including housing and DC supply without Lamp Bulbs

Medium power kit. 12mm sleeve 24V DC RF 100 MHz exciter and exciter/bulb RF shielded enclosure. Intensity 1 x 1015 photons/second/steradian in VUV.



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