PHO-ses-200 integrated system

system-phosphor emission luminesence-PHO-SES-200-01-Resonance


The Resonance Phosphor Evaluation System uses a computer-controlled tunable vacuum ultraviolet light source with design optimized for test of phosphor emission and luminescence.  Additionally, the PHO-SES-200 can also be adjusted to measure the transmission, reflection or fluorescence of any sample. It delivers vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) excitation wavelengths to samples on a target holder and measures their spectral phosphorescence with a fiber optic coupled pulse counting monochromator.

This is an excellent system for quality control, fundamental research and development of VUV and UV excited emitting materials.

  • Specifications
  • Features
  • 120 to 400nm Tunable light source with 0.15 to 10nm spectral bandwidth
  • Reference VUV solar blind PMT for tunable light source for absolute VUV/UV flux onto sample and transmission of sample
  • 10 sample positions on standard wheel
  • Modular design allows change of emission sources and detection optics
  • Compact footprint; less than 1 square meter
  • Turn-key oil free pumping system
  • Emission spectrometer uses high sensitivity UV/Vis/Nir PMT for a wide spectral range from 200 to 900nm
  • VUV solar blind PMT transmission detecto
  • Order sorter with 2 long pass filters
  • LabView based software with USB interface

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