remote sensor-gas filter correlation radiometer-MicroMAPS-02-Resonance


MicroMAPS is a gas filter correlation radiometer capable of detecting trace atmospheric gasses by remotely sensing their infrared (IR) absorption characteristics.  Originally designed with the same capabilities as MAPS (Measurement of Air Pollution from Satellite) which was flown with the Space Radar Laboratory-1 on the Space Shuttle Endeavor (STS-59) launched April 9, 1994to detect CO and N2O from a nadir viewing airborne or orbital platform, MicroMAPS can be used to detect a number of other trace species including CO, N2O, CH4, SO2, and NO2.

MicroMAPS is calibrated with an internal reference black body which can be varied in temperature to simulate various earth targets and a gas cell with a CO and N2O mixture which simulates one layer of the atmosphere. These internal references are flipped into the optical path with a light weight mirror system. This feature enables MicroMAPS to be calibrated in flight at any time

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remote sensor-gas filter correlation radiometer-MicroMAPS-02-Resonance

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