The Resonance Ltd. Transmission and Reflection Evaluation System is designed to deliver vacuum-ultraviolet (VUV) to ultraviolet (UV) radiation to a target sample and measure the reflectance, transmission or fluorescence of the target.

system-phosphor emission luminesence-PHO-SES-200-01-Resonance


The Resonance Phosphor Evaluation System uses a computer-controlled tunable vacuum ultraviolet light source with design optimized for test of phosphor emission and luminescence.

system-UV Penetration and Protection Measurement-S-40-SPF-01-Resonance


The S-40-SPF solid state UV Penetration and Protection Measurement System uses technology developed in the last decade to advance the state of the art of the determination of SPF and UPF values for the sunscreen, cosmetic and textile industries.

system-Atomic Oxygen-VUV UV-Solar Spectrum Simulation-ATOMS-07

ATOMS Atomic Species Exposure and Measurement System

Resonance Ltd. has developed a system to expose materials to thermal atomic oxygen and VUV-UV light that simulates low earth orbit conditions. Oxygen atoms are produced upstream from the exposure chamber by RF dissociation of O2.

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Custom Designed Systems

Whether you’re looking for a wide-range monochromatic light source, a pulse counting monochromator or a complete system for QA of incoming or outgoing materials, Resonance Ltd. has the right combination of components and accessories for almost any requirement you might have.

We design and manufacture VUV/UV spectrometers & spectrographs, monochromators, VUV/UV light sources and systems, remote sensors for gas detection and related products.  With over 30 years of specializing in VUV to IR applications, Resonance Ltd. has built up a complete line of high-end products and systems to address almost any need.  Our modular designs allow for fast and easy swapping between components, greatly increasing the versatility of our products while reducing down-time.

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