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Flow Lamp

The Resonance EUV windowless source is an RF excited flow lamp with a capillary bore in an EMI shielded enclosure. This lamp mounts to a 33.78 mm or larger CF type flange.  The lamp assembly has an integral RF exciter which is powered by a small wall plug power supply. This supply is sufficient to produce emissions from the principal neutral rare gas species in the range of 10^15 photons per second per steradian.  When coupled with a Resonance VM series monochromator, this will work as a tunable light source from 58 nm to up to 800 nm.

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- Greater than 1015 photons/sec/ster for major spectral lines

- Provides EUV light down to 58nm

- <1kg mass

- Easy connection to a monochromator for use as an EUV tunable light source

- Low astigmatism

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