ATOMS EXposure Measurement integrated system

system-Atomic Oxygen-VUV UV-Solar Spectrum Simulation-ATOMS-07


Resonance Ltd. has developed a system to expose materials to thermal atomic oxygen and VUV-UV light that simulates low earth orbit conditions. Oxygen atoms are produced upstream from the exposure chamber by RF dissociation of O2. Atomic oxygen concentrations to 10^15 atoms/cm^3 can be generated with the high power RFX-500 generator. This is comparable to an atomic oxygen flux of roughly 2x10^16 cm^2/sec (equivalent 5 eV atomic flux measured with Kapton dosimeter).

The oxygen density profile across the material sample can be measured in-situ with the Resonance Ltd. Atomic Oxygen Density Profiler using the technique of resonance absorption. A beam of light from an atomic oxygen 130.2 nm resonance lamp is directed across the exposure chamber. This light is absorbed by the oxygen atoms in the chamber and the amount of absorption is measured by a VUV solar blind diode. The density profile across the sample can be determined by scanning the optical path.

Resonance can also provide UV and VUV sources that simulate the solar spectrum in order to evaluate the effects of exposure to UV and atomic oxygen simultaneously. The Atomic Oxygen Density Profiler and Solar Simulator Sources can be easily adapted to existing atomic oxygen exposure systems.

Resonance offers three complete ATOMS systems to suit a variety of applications and budgets: The deluxe system (ATOMS-SX); the standard system (ATOMS-S); and the budget system (ATOMS-C). Both the ATOMS-SX and the ATOMS-S systems include exposure to atomic oxygen and VUV radiation, as well as in-situ atomic oxygen density measurement.

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Oil Free Pump

> 1015 ph/cm2/s

> 5x1015 ph/cm2/s

> 2x1015 ph/cm2/s

AO Exposure Chamber




AO Density Profiler




VUV Solar Simulator



Single VUV/UV Source

RF Oxygen Power (W)




  • Complete system, including pump, mounted in standard 47.5 cm (19 in) rack
  • Standard system is in full-height 1.8 m (72 in) rack
  • Budget system is mounted in half height rack
  • In-Situ Atom and Molecule Absorption and Fluorescence Measuring Systems
  • OAMS and NAMS Oxygen Absorption and Nitrogen Atom Measuring Systems
  • Profiling Systems - Irradiance, Atomic Oxygen Density and Atomic Nitrogen Density Profilers

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