What is a Vacuum Ultra Violet Light Source?

It is the portion of the UV spectrum that requires air to be removed before it can be detected it’s called Vacuum UV or VUV.


What are VUV Light Sources used for?

Such sources are used for testing materials since the high energy of the photons results in chemical activity on surfaces. They are used as stimulators of solar light at short wavelengths by people studying solar VUV damage of spacecraft materials. They are used for simulating chemical reactions in gases. They are used to treat or clean surfaces for chip manufacturing. They are used to selectively excite gases for isotope dating. They have been used in biological studies. They have been used to measure atomic species on the border of space (300 km). They have been used to measure the gases in rocket engines and ion plasma space drives. There are a variety of applications covering fields from biochemistry to space astronomy.

Spectrometers-Monochromators-and-Light-Sources-from-Vacuum-Ultra-Violet-VUV-to-Visible-Vis-Resonance-Ltd-hp-light source-24watt-Deuterium Lamp-01-Resonance

Light Sources

Electrodeless VUV Light Sources

Resonance Ltd. electrodeless Vacuum Ultra-Violet sources are designed to be reliable, compact and maintenance free with an operating life often in excess of 4000 hours.

light source-high power vuv-euv-01-Resonance

Light Sources

High Power VUV Light Sources

The VS7550 is a miniature Czerny-Turner spectrograph with excellent speed, spectral range and spectral resolution with software control of slit size, input f#, order sorting filters, grating angle and dark exposures. The UV spectrograph has a spectral range from the air short wavelength cut-off at 185 nm to the detector IR cut-off at 1100 nm.

light source-elctrodeless flow lamp-EUV-X-L-01-Resonance

Light Sources

Electrodeless Flow VUV Light Sources

The Resonance EUV windowless source is an RF excited flow lamp with a capillary bore in an EMI shielded enclosure. This lamp mounts to a 33.78 mm or larger CF type flange.

light source-UV-Xenon Flash Lamp-01-Resonance

Light Sources

Xenon Flash Lamp Light Sources

The Resonance Xenon Flash lamp will produce a minimum of 0.5 watts total optical power from 160 to 4000 NM with a minimum of 0.2 watts from 160 to 400 NM. This lamp provides an easy to use source of irradiance greater than a conventional 50 watt D2 lamp.

light source-UV-UV LED Module-02-Resonance

Light Sources

UV LED Modules

Resonance Ltd. introduces a new addition to their UV light sources. This compact kit allows you to direct a mobile source of 255nm light using either an adjustable lens assembly, a fibre optic cable, or both.

light source-VUV UV-High Power Excimer-01-Resonance

Light Sources

Excimer Lamps

Excimer refers to the bound excited upper state of a molecule that breaks apart when a photon is emitted. Resonance excites Excimer emission from its lamps with a proprietary RF power supply.


Light Sources

Custom Lamps and Light Sources

If you have an application that requires something a little more unique, let us know. If it’s due to space constraints, output requirements or environmental conditions, etc., our design team specializes in modifying or customizing our light sources to meet almost any requirement.


Light Sources

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