A remote sensor is an optical instrument that measures some property of the atmosphere or earth from a distance which can be meters to hundreds of kilometers. Resonance makes two types of remote sensors. The first type employs a spectrometer to analyze the spectrum of gases in the atmosphere. The second type uses a special camera to create two dimensional images of the gas distribution of gas plumes. Both types of remote sensors can help predict volcanic eruptions and measure atmospheric trace pollutants and other gases like CO2, CO, NO2 CFCs N2O that have local and climatic impacts.

GCS02-01 S02 Gas Camera


The Resonance GCSO2-1 is a UV-sensitive camera that compares images in two spectral bands to produce concentration maps of SO2 plumes. This method is based on differential optical absorption spectroscopy (DOAS) methodology for remote sensing of atmospheric gases (Refs 1-12).

RMD Expedition Resonance Mini DOAS RMD (I, II, Min)


RMD is a compact UV/visible spectrometer system designed for remote sensing of atmospheric gases and is the first of a series of spectrometers designed to have multi-gas capabilities.

Micro Maps

remote sensor-gas filter correlation radiometer-MicroMAPS-02-Resonance

MicroMAPS is a gas filter correlation radiometer capable of detecting trace atmospheric gasses by remotely sensing their infrared (IR) absorption characteristics.

COSPEC Correlation Spectrometer

remote sensor-SO2 NO2-Correlation Spectrometer-COSPEC-Taryn Nicaragua Pics 044-Resonance

SO2 and NO2, gases selectively and characteristically absorb light from scattered solar radiation (skylight) as it passes through the atmosphere.

Gas Camera

remote sensor-gas camera-SO2-Resonance-01

The Resonance gas camera is an inexpensive and compact detector to create a 2D concentration map of a target plume. This camera is single gas sensor able to detect SO2 or NO2.

Resonance UAV Gas Monitoring System

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Being an easily portable system, the Resonance Gas Camera is designed to be small enough to be carried by an unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).


remote sensor-GASCOFIL-Galeras Volcano South Columbia-01-Resonance

GASCOFIL is an optical instrument for detecting trace gases in the ppb to percent range concentrations.