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Resonance Ltd. electrodeless VUV sources are designed to be reliable, compact and maintenance free with an operating life often in excess of 4000 hours.The VUV sources are sealed RF excited sources with a window in an EMI shielded enclosure that mounts to a 2.75 inch or larger CF type flange. The source assembly has an integral RF exciter which is powered by a small wall plug power supply.

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The Resonance VUV line sources comes in various body style to add extra flexibility in coupling to your system.

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Our standard lamp body with a 1”-20 thread for mounting.  Also available with an adapter to mount to any standard CF style flange 2 3/4” or larger.


Re-entrant style lamp with a quick disconnect adapter.  Allows the user to move the source for optimal placement within the chamber.  Length of tube can be varied.

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High Power VUV

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