Spectrometers-Monochromators-and-Light-Sources-from-Vacuum-Ultra-Violet-VUV-to-Visible-Vis-Resonance-Ltd-logo-clearbackground-resonanceltd 2-min
Spectrometers-Monochromators-and-Light-Sources-from-Vacuum-Ultra-Violet-VUV-to-Visible-Vis-Resonance-Ltd-logo-clearbackground-resonanceltd 2-min

Light Sources, Spectrometers, Monochromators, Detectors , Components and Systems from ​Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) to ​Infrared (IR)

Resonance Ltd

Resonance Ltd. provides a complete line of ​Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV), Vacuum Ultraviolet (VUV), Utraviolet (UV), Visible (Vis), and Infrared (IR) ​components and systems. We specialize in custom solutions with off-the-shelf prices.
With over 30 years in the field of ​electro-optics technology, coupled with our highly skilled and diverse staff, ​we are able to provide high level and innovative solutions to even the most demanding requirements.

Spectrometers | Monochromators

spectrometers,Resonance - spectrometer-monochromator-VUV-VM92-01-Resonance
spectrometers, spectrometer-uv-VS7550-01-Resonance

VUV/UV Spectrometers Monochromators

Resonance offers both monochromators that select a narrow band of wavelengths and spectrographs which separate light into a frequency spectrum and record it with a camera. All Resonance spectrometers can operate from the Deep UV to the Near IR. Conversion from monochromator to spectrograph is possible with standard accessories.

Light Sources

Spectrometers-Monochromators-and-Light-Sources-from-Vacuum-Ultra-Violet-VUV-to-Visible-Vis-Resonance-Ltd-hp-light source-24watt-Deuterium Lamp-01-Resonance
light source-elctrodeless flow lamp-EUV-X-L-01-Resonance
light source-high power vuv-euv-01-Resonance
light source-UV-UV LED Module-02-Resonance
light source-UV-Xenon Flash Lamp-01-Resonance


Light Sources

Resonance makes stock and custom light sources from the soft-X ray to the IR region. Resonance's VUV light sources have calibrated instruments on the Hubble Space Telescope and measured atomic species at orbital altitudes. Thousands of Resonance's VUV photoionization bulbs are used for first alert gas sensors around the world. Resonance Visible and NIR light sources have calibrated satellite remote sensors. Resonance line sources have provided intensity and wavelength standards for instruments throughout the world.

Remote Sensors

remote sensor-gas camera-SO2-Resonance-01

Remote Sensors

Resonance offers optical sensors that can determine gas composition of the atmosphere or plumes from distances of a few meters to hundreds of kilometers. Our Gas Cameras measure gas fluxes from volcanoes and stacks. Our DOAS systems have been used on many volcanoes. Our non-dispersive IR sensors have produced profiles of atmospheric gases from airborne platforms.


system-Atomic Oxygen-VUV UV-Solar Spectrum Simulation-ATOMS-07
system-phosphor emission luminesence-PHO-SES-200-01-Resonance
system-UV Penetration and Protection Measurement-S-40-SPF-01-Resonance


Systems with seamless integration between light source, test chamber, spectrometer, detector and software. Applications from Raman spectroscopy to automated reflectance, transmittance and fluorescence measurements.

Detectors and Fiber Optics

Detector-UV-meter-AUX-D-L-01-Resonance 2-min

Detectors and

Fiber Optics

Resonance provides detection systems that have sensitivity ranges from the soft X-Ray to the Far IR. Amplifiers and signal processing amplifier, D to A converters, computer interfaces and software are provided with suitable software development kits. Also Resonance will build fiber optic and hollow core interfaces to transmit light from 110 to >10,000 nm.

We have comprehensive lines of Spectrometers, Monochromators and Light Sources from Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) to ​Infrared (IR) and we also make custom designed components and systems.  If you'd like to speak with us directly please feel free to either give us a call or contact us.

We have comprehensive lines of Spectrometers, Monochromators and Light Sources from Vacuum Ultraviolet (VUV) to Visible (Vis) and we also make custom designed components and systems.  If you'd like to speak with us directly please feel free to either give us a call or contact us.

Spectrometers-Monochromators-and-Light-Sources-from-Vacuum-Ultra-Violet-VUV-to-Visible-Vis-Resonance-Ltd-logo-clearbackground-resonanceltd 2-min

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